About us

Alarde offers services relating to dances from around the world, and is also involved in promoting and sharing these dances with new people. You can see a sample of our varied range of services here:

  • Sale of material.
  • We hire rehearsal rooms for professionals and students.
  • Organisation of shows and search engine for Dancers and musicians.
  • Classes and Workshops, how and where to learn.
  • Articles, interviews with prominent personalities, show programme and much more in our magazine.
  • You can also enjoy discounts and special promotions by becoming a member of our Club.

If you’d like to receive information on offers, courses, shows and other activities, fill in the form that appears when you click on the “REGISTER” button on top of the site.

Contact us by writing to alarde@alarde.com or calling (+34) 914681249 during the shop’s opening hours.

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