Accumulation rules and use of Alarde points

At Club Alarde, members will accumulate points for their purchases at Alarde, and will enjoy exclusive offers, direct discounts and special prices.

Please carefully read the general conditions that constitute the terms you must accept in order to benefit from the advantages of Club Alarde.


At Club Alarde, members will accumulate points for their purchases at Alarde, and will enjoy exclusive offers, direct discounts and special prices.


Any individual can apply for an Alarde card and become a member after completing and signing the application that is available for this purpose. The Alarde Card proves Club membership and permits participation in all the activities and offers promoted by the same, at all times in accordance with the conditions stipulated in each case. The holder undertakes to communicate to Alarde Danza any loss or theft of, or damage to, his/her Card so that it is not wrongfully or fraudulently used, and so that a duplicate can be obtained. Club Alarde is not responsible for any wrongful or fraudulent use of the Card that may have occurred before the receipt of said notification. Club Alarde also reserves the right to withdraw the holder’s Card, cancel the points account and to hold him/her accountable if he/she carries out a wrongful or fraudulent use of the Programme or does not comply with the rules and procedures contained in these general conditions.


Club members will convert 10% of the total of their retail purchases at Alarde into points, which is the equivalent of a 1% discount for future purchases at Alarde. In addition, said percentage can periodically be multiplied by 2, 3 or more when buying promoted products. Also included in the commercial events for members are member days, when you can obtain additional full points just by making a purchase at said events; the points total and the conditions to be applied will be those that are disclosed at the appropriate time. The member will obtain the Alarde points that correspond to all the authorised purchases with his/her Card and paid by the same, providing a generally accepted document of identification at the time of payment. Accreditations for purchases subsequent to this will not be accepted.

In no case do wholesale purchases generate points, and they do not allow for the exchange of points.

The customer of the month will be awarded 50 gift points and the customer of the year 100 points.

All these changes will be made automatically at the end of the month and notification will be given by email only.


Awarding of points will take place when a purchase is made, said points being available for exchange for subsequent purchases.


Club members will be able to benefit exclusively and individually from the direct discounts or the special prices that are communicated through the usual channels. To do this they must identify themselves with their Alarde Card together with another generally accepted document of identification, and pay by their usual ownership method or in cash; payment may be required in cash only in order to access some advertised advantages.


Members, on identification, will be able to use the points as a means of payment at Alarde. 10 Alarde points equate to 1 euro. The minimum exchange is 1 euro and exchanges are not admitted for fractions of euros, however said fractions will remain in the points balance. Alarde points will be accumulated in the member’s account. The points may not be exchanged for money or other goods that are specified in the Programme. The remaining amounts in customers’ accounts will expire and their balance will return to zero if no purchase or exchange has been registered after 12 months. The total for the purchases paid for with Alarde Points does not accumulate new points, but the difference from the total paid remains. Members have a period of 4 years in order to use the points obtained, which will expire if they are not exchanged during this period.


The member will periodically and exclusively receive a statement by email in which the points accumulated in his/her account will appear, as well as a reference for the purchases to which they correspond. The Club Alarde bulletin with news and offers for members will also be sent periodically, by email. Only customers with a credit balance of points will receive the email with the points statement.


The member is informed, accepts and authorises Alarde Danza to register and process the personal data provided by him/her and the data that is obtained by his/her activity in the Club, and to automate and process it for correct maintenance of the services offered or contracted within the framework offered by the Club, as well as to inform him/her regarding the proposals of the Club; respecting that which is established in the legislation currently in force on Data Protection. This data may be used for any activity related to the aims of the Programme itself and the contractual relation that the latter maintains with the holders, including the analysis and formation of profiles and in general the implementation of promotional, marketing and analytical actions by Alarde Danza. In addition, the holder expressly accepts the “information update” which the Programme periodically sends to him/her in relation to the activity in his/her points account or any other offer in the Programme. The holder is informed that submission of the data contained in the membership application is obligatory and its absence or inaccuracy allows the Programme to stop the holder’s participation. The member has the right to information, access, correction, data update, complaints, errors, cancellation and opposition by writing to Club Alarde, c/ Luis Velez de Guevara 9, local, 28012 Madrid or by email to Complaints may be made provided that no more than six months has passed since the incident giving rise to the complaint occurred. In all cases, the responsibility of the Programme will be limited to the correction of the error as soon as the holder faithfully communicates his/her right to Alarde Danza. The holder must always keep a copy of the documentation he/she sends to the Programme in order to support his/her complaint in the event that it is lost. Alarde Danza is not responsible for the loss of, or damage to, the documentation sent. The Programme’s only guarantee to the holder is that any points that have not been added at the correct time will be annotated in conformity with the conditions applicable to each case.


Club Alarde is the loyalty Programme of Alarde Danza. The Rules contained herein are valid from 1-5-2006. Club Alarde reserves the right to modify them, provided that it is beneficial to the operation of the Club. The Club reserves the right to cancel the points account and membership of any member who does not comply with these rules or uses the Card wrongfully, holding him/her responsible for any wrongdoing that arises as a result. Alarde Danza reserves the right to cancel the Club, giving holders one month’s notice and respecting at all times the rights they have acquired during that month both with regard to annotation and to recovery of points. At no time will Alarde Danza be held responsible for any damage this may cause to holders. Notice will not be given to holders and Alarde Danza is not accountable when the cancellation of the Club is beyond our control. The Rules contained herein will be applied and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation and use of the Card results in acceptance of said legislation.