Club Alarde

As a member of Club Alarde you can enjoy gifts and discounts in our associated businesses on presenting the card we give you for free.

If you wish to be a Club Alarde member, all you have to do is fill in the information request form. If you come to our shop in Madrid, we can give it to you there and then.

If you have premises or a business that is related to the ethnic or exotic world and you’d like to be one of the companies associated to Club Alarde, write to us at

The issuing company reserves the right to cancel or change these conditions completely or partially.


Purchases at AlardeWardrobe and accessories for oriental danceSurprise gift in purchases over 20 euros (offer valid for retail purchases in Spain)
Accumulating Alarde pointsDiscount points for future purchasesIn Club Alarde members accumulate points through purchases at Alarde, and will enjoy exclusive offers, direct discounts and special prices.
Alarde dance workshopsOriental danceSpecial discounts on workshops organised by Alarde.



In Club Alarde members will accumulate points through their purchases at Alarde, and will enjoy exclusive offers, direct discounts and special prices.

This promotion includes all the retail purchases you have made by presenting your Club Alarde card from 1 January 2006.

If you’re not a member of Club Alarde yet, don’t wait any longer – fill in the application form now.

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10% of every purchase you make at Alarde will be converted into points. Ten points are equivalent to a 1-euro discount on future purchases. In addition, said percentage can periodically be multiplied by 2, 3 or more when buying promoted products. What’s more, included in the commercial events for members are member days, when you can obtain additional full points.

In addition, the customer of the month will receive 50 gift points and the customer of year 100 points.

All these changes will be made automatically at the end of the month and we’ll inform you by email.

Only customers with a credit balance of points will receive the email with the points statement.

Whenever you make your purchase at Alarde, we can add the points to your account. Accreditations for purchases subsequent to this will not be accepted. In the case of postal deliveries, accreditation is automatic and will be awarded to the account holder for the delivery.

In no case do wholesale purchases generate points, and they do not allow for the exchange of points.

You will receive your points statement at the beginning of every month. This information will be sent to you by email only. You will also receive the information on the promotions and special offers that are designed for Club Alarde members.

Only exchanges for the value of full euros will be accepted.

You have four years to exchange the points obtained, and after this period they will expired. In addition, if no points are obtained or exchanged during a period of one year, the account will be cancelled automatically, return to zero and you will no longer receive correspondence with information on your points balance.

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