Gift vouchers


If you don’t know what present to give, here’s the solution: our gift vouchers can be exchanged for the shop’s items during a period of one year. Three values, €50, €20 and €10 are available to you so you can decide how much you want to spend on your gift.


Conditions for the Alarde Oriental Dance Gift Voucher

  • The Gift Voucher is valid for purchasing products in the Alarde shop and can be purchased through any of the payment methods accepted by the issuer.
  • The value of the Gift Voucher is that which appears in print on the voucher itself.
  • Within the Gift Voucher’s period of validity, the amount paid for it can be obtained in products from the Alarde shop, the voucher being handed over into possession of the issuer.
  • The Gift Voucher may not be returned or refunded.
  • For their part, the products purchased with the Gift Voucher are subject to the same returns policy as all products from our shop.
  • The Gift Voucher must be used in its entirety and not partially; therefore if an item is purchased for a value that is lower than the voucher, this results in the loss of the remainder of the amount. If the purchase costs more than the amount of the Gift Voucher, the difference can be paid in cash or by means of any of the other payment methods accepted by the issuer.
  • The Gift Voucher is valid until the date that appears in the “expiry” box. Once this date has been passed, it may not be used for the purchase of products and may not be refunded.
  • This Gift Voucher is a bearer instrument and its holder has exclusive responsibility for its use. It will not be refunded in the event of theft, loss, misplacement, or if it is damaged.
  • The established regulations are accepted when the voucher is used.